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  • My Tenerife App (Application/App) and Website, is a Tenerife Guide & Search Engine to quickly and easily find local offers, services and information such as: restaurants, bars, excursions, hotels, shops etc. in Tenerife. Each company entry shows the company logo, address and contact details and a Google map with the location on the map. Below the map there are two buttons to start the Apple or Google Maps Navigation App directly for the respective company. Easily share your favorites or upcoming destinations via social media share buttons: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

    For more convenience and a better user experience, the My Tenerife app can be easily installed on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop Computer using the following browsers (Chrome Android, Safari iOS, Microsoft Edge macOS & Windows, Chrome macOS & Windows). It is also possible to install the app with the Firefox browser, but you need a Firefox extension called: PWAsForFirefox.

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© 2024 MYT ® | All rights reserved

© 2024 MYT ® | All rights reserved