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MYT / My Tenerife General Informations S.L.


    1. The calculation period begins from the date on which the contract was concluded online. The fee for this contract is paid in advance. It is a monthly payment.
    2. The partner company, is obliged to pay the fee to, PayPal by participating, in the debiting procedure or by a bank transfer (standing order).


    1. The contract can be terminated at the end of the month at any time.
    2. The contract is extended by 1 month if it is not terminated in the previous month.
    3. If the partner company defaults on the monthly payment, MYT shall make use of her right, of retention by stopping her services for the partner company, until the payment is settled, without MYT is not losing her right of the return service, from the partner company in question. As long as, the partner company still receives, the services from, MYT, this is done for Goodwill reasons and it is not a legal obligation.
    4. If the partner company defaults on the monthly payment, MYT is entitled to terminate the contract, without notice. Termination of contract can be evoked, if the partner company violates, a fundamental contractual obligation or asserts of the company. The debt control of the venturer is initiated, serving judicial or otherwise for good cause, by standing provisions. Legal obligations as a reminder,  remain unaffected.


    1. The venturer agrees to MYT, to communicate any changes in the details overleaf, about his company, business name, address, phone number, website or e-mail address, immediately in writing by email or via the form (dashboard) in the MYT - Standard Account or MYT - Premium Account Members Area. 
    2. The partner company is obliged, to use only the services provided by MYT, only within the framework of applicable law.
    3. The responsibility for all contents, belong to the partner companies. Due to the nature of the service, MYT has no auditing duties.
    4. The venture agrees to MYT, in the event of the misuse of her services, from all claims of third parties. This is applicable particularly, by infringements of obligations to cooperate, under  number ③.


    1. MYT is fully liable for all damages, based on gross negligence or lack of assured properties. In case of violation of essential contractual obligations, (cardinal obligations), MYT liability for a slight negligence here, limited to the typically, foreseeable damage. Otherwise, the liability is excluded.


    1. MYT is available, to all copyrights and other rights to the services based to the overleaf contract services and products produced. This is true regardless of agreements or payments, made by the partner company. All goods supplied by MYT, pictures, data and programs or program components remain the property of MYT.


    1. Amendments and supplements to this agreement have been made. Changes to this contract require the written form. This also applies to the written form clause itself, to ensure the writing requirement ranges, from access by fax.
    2. If any provision of this contract, be or becomes invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision, shall be replaced by a valid one, which comes nearer next to the economical purpose of the contract.

7. JURISDICTION Is the venue of the venture merchant, is Exclusively in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

    • In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, dated December 13, on Data Protection, we inform you that personal details that may appear in this document have been included in the files which are the property of MYT. The purpose of the processing of this data is the creation of a contractual relationship with this Company, in addition to offering the services requested beforehand and to keep you informed of the promotions and news using the contact details supplied. The party concerned is entitled to exercise rights to access, opposition, amendment and cancellation before MYT under the terms set forth in the law on data protection, addressing his/her communications to the registered address detailed in this document.

© 2024 MYT ® | All rights reserved

© 2024 MYT ® | All rights reserved